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Student Presentations of a Paper concerning Biopharmaceutics


This week the objective is to deliver a short presentation of 4 minutes duration. The subject of the presentation will be a paper from the literature concerning Biopharmaceutics. This will be a practice presentation as it will not be graded for credit. You will receive comments on your presentation, which will hopefully, help you with the second graded presentation concerning pharmacokinetics.

General Methods

Each student will have four minutes to present an important aspect from the chosen paper. Review your choice of paper with Dr Bourne for suitability. Once the paper is approved you can use the on-line database to ensure that your paper has not been chosen by someone else. You can then enter your choice in the database using the name and password given in class.

The presentation should include:-

  1. A introduction, i.e. a brief description of the drug and its use
  2. A description of the dosage form, subjects, type of study, methods used
  3. The results obtained in the study
  4. The conclusions resulting from the study
If a larger, more involved paper is chosen you should not attempt to present all the material included but talk about a significant part of the material.

After the presentation there may be time for a question or two.

You will be able to use an computer presentation, overhead projector, or chalk board, to assist in your presentation.


No write-up will be required.

Journal Sources you might try:-

Grading scheme

Introduction Good start Aims Background
Methods Clearly presented Important details Too much detail
Results Clearly presented Appropriate Too much detail
Conclusions Clearly presented Material understood
Questions Understood Answered well
General Appearance A/V quality A/V use
Technique Confidence Good transitions
Timing Too short Too long


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