Weighting Schemes - SAAM

SAAM II has a number of potential weighting scheme. These can be compared with the weighting schemes in Boomer.

Remember that the information in the Data Window looks like:

(FSD 0.1)
t Cp
          1.00	      3.58    
          3.00	      3.07    
          5.00	      2.82    
          7.00	      2.34    
The weighting scheme is defined in the line (FSD 0.1)

The comparison is shown in the table below:
Boomer Weight Scheme SAAM II Weight Scheme
0 (SD d) where d = standard deviation
1 (POIS r)
2 (FSD f) where f = fractional standard deviation = CV/100
4 (GEN a b c) where Wt = a + b*Val^c