PHAR 7633 Quiz #1 23 August 2001 – Answers in red

1. Drug infusion is usually modeled as a:
a. First order rate constant
b. Zero order rate constant
c. Second order rate constant

2. Cpss is reached when:
a. The infusion is stopped
b. The rate of infusion equals the rate of elimination
c. Two hours after the infusion is started

3. If kel = 0.2 hr-1 and V = 32 L the infusion rate required to maintain a concentration of 12 mg/L is:
a. 1331 mg/hr
b. 76.8 mg/hr
c. 6.4 mg/L
d. 1920 mg/hr

4. A 100 mg/hr infusion is given for 2 hours and two samples are collected at 2 hr and 8 hr after the infusion was stopped. These values were 7.6 mg/L and 2.4 mg/L. What is the value of kel in this patient?
a. 0.867 hr-1
b. 0.254 hr-1
c. 0.192 hr-1