PHAR 7633 Quiz #2
31st August 2001

1. Enteral routes of administration do not include:

a. Oral
b. Subcutaneous
c. Buccal
d. Rectal

2. The first pass effect refers to:

a. the loss of drug by rapid elimination
b. the loss of drug by metabolism in the liver
c. the loss of by drug distribution to peripheral tissues

3. Advantages for the intravenous route of administration do not include:

a. rapid response
b. larger dose can be given
c. veins relatively insensitive
d. relatively inexpensive

4. Drug concentrations after oral administration can be calculated using an equation of the form:

a. Cp = A * exp(-b*t)
b. Cp = A * (1- exp(-b*t))
c. Cp = A * (exp(-b*t) - exp(-c*t))

5. The time of peak concentration after an oral administration depends on:

a. ka and kel
b. ka and kel and F
c. kel and F
d. kel, ka, V, and F