PHAR 7632/7633 Syllabus

Topics to be Covered in PHAR 7632 and PHAR 7633


  1. Introduction (PHAR 7632) (Slides in PDF Format)
  2. Mathematical Material
  3. Pharmaceutical Analysis
  4. Pharmacokinetics introduction
  5. One compartment IV bolus, Plasma data, Volume, AUC, Half-life (Slides in PDF Format)
    Textbook pp 19-22
  6. Modeling
  7. More Laplace transforms
    Textbook pp 44-48
    Useful References
    1. Mayersohn, M. and Gibaldi, M 1971 "Mathematical Methods in Pharmacokinetics. II. "Solution of the Two Compartment Open Model," Amer. J. Pharm. Ed., 35:19-28
    2. Benet, L.Z. and Turi, J.S. 1971 "Use of the General Partial Fraction Theorem for Obtaining Inverse Laplace Transforms in Pharmacokinetic Analysis," J. Pharm. Sci., 60:1593-1594
    3. Benet, L.Z. 1972 "General Treatment of Linear Mammillary Models with Elimination from any Compartment as Used in Pharmacokinetics," J. Pharm. Sci., 61:536-541
  8. Program set-up
  9. Program Output Evaluation (Slides in PDF Format)
    Boomer and SAAM II control/example files,
    Textbook Chapter 8, pp 95-110
  10. Numerical Integration (Slides in PDF Format)
    [Spreadsheet Example for StepSize adjustment with Euler's Method]
    Textbook pp 49-55
  11. Optimization (Slides in PDF Format)
    Textbook pp 75-82
  12. Analysis of Urine data, plot types, clearance, metabolism, renal function (Slides in PDF Format)
  13. Weighting Schemes, Fitting data sets simultaneously (Slides in PDF Format)
    [Spreadsheet Example for Determining 'a' and 'b' (NOTE: this file uses a Macro)]
    [A Two data sets .BAT file (Ch9905b.BAT) with the required data sets (Ch9905bp.DAT and Ch9905bu.DAT). One output files was Ch9905.OUT]
    Textbook pp 83-88

    PHAR 7633

  14. Introduction (PHAR 7633)
  15. Intravenous infusion, Steady state concentration, slow-fast infusion, post infusion (*)
    IV - Infusion (Boomer BAT file)
    IV - Infusion (Setting up the Problem using SAAM II)
  16. Routes of drug administration (*)
  17. Pharmacokinetics of oral administration (*)
    Oral Dose Simulation (Boomer .BAT file)
    Oral Dose Simulation (SAAM Data file) [This is a SAAM data file. You will need to de-binhex the file and then open it after opening SAAM II. Ask if you need the ancient Druid incantation for the de-binhexing...or try downloading Expander or Unstuff available on the Aladdin Systems web-site]
  18. Bioavailability calculations, Method of residuals, W-N method (*)
    Oral Dose Fit to Method of Residual Data (Boomer .BAT file)
    Oral Dose Fit to Method of Residual Data (SAAM Data file)
    Oral and IV Dose Fit to Method of Residual Data (Boomer .BAT file)
    Oral and IV Dose Fit to Method of Residual Data (SAAM Data file)
  19. Selection of the "best" Model
    Textbook pp 95-110
  20. Identifiability
    Textbook 114-120
  21. Bioavailability studies, statistics (*)
    On-line Resources
  22. Physiological factors affecting oral absorption (*)
  23. Physical-Chemical factors affecting oral absorption (*)
  24. Formulation factors affecting oral absorption (*)
  25. Multiple Bolus IV dose administration (*)
  26. Multiple Oral Dose Administration (*)
  27. Routes of excretion (*)
  28. Metabolism (*)
  29. Drug distribution (*)
  30. Multi-compartmental pharmacokinetic models (*)
  31. Non-linear pharmacokinetic models (*)
  32. Clinical Applications of Pharmacokinetics (*)
  33. Optimal sampling
    Textbook pp123-129
  34. Bayesian Analysis and Population modeling
    Textbook pp 88-94
  35. Pharmacodynamic models
  36. Saturable Protein Binding, Physiologically based pharmacokinetic models

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