Chapter 4 - Page 10 - Java 1

Diagram Illustrating the Relationship between Clearance, Volume and Half-life


Explore the relationship between extraction ratio, blood flow, clearance, volume and elimination half-life. The hepatic (E(H)) and renal (E(R)) extration ratios may be varied between 0 and 100%. The apparent volume of distribution for different drugs may vary from a low of about 10 L up to 1000 L or more. The interrelationship between these parameters influence the overall elimination of a drug.

The derivation of these relationships include extraction ratio, clearance, elimination rate constant and half-life.

Equation 4.3.1 Hepatic Extration Ratio

Equation 4.3.2 Renal Extration Ratio

Equation 4.3.3 Hepatic Clearance

Equation 4.3.4 Renal Clearance

Equation 4.3.5 Total Body Clearance

Equation 4.3.6 Elimination Rate Constant

Equation 4.3.7 Elimination Half-life

Adjust the Extraction Ratio(s) and apparent Volume of Distribution to explore these relationships.

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