Simulation of Drug Concentration
Multiple Dose
Two Compartment Model

A patient is to receive lidocaine by IV bolus (three doses possible) and a continuous IV infusion to achieve and maintain drug concentrations between 2 and 6 mg/L for 120 minutes. For this patient use parameters value of kel, k12, k21 and V1 of 0.0249 min-1, 0.0862 min-1, 0.0404 min-1, and 34.1 L, respectively.

Parameter Your answers
First Bolus Dose mg  
Second Bolus Dose mg at min
Third Bolus Dose mg at min

Enter your regimen in the table and

Some Equations

Loading Dose

Equation 30.5.1 Loading Dose using V1

Maintenance Dose

Equation 30.5.2 Maintenance Infusion Rate using V1 or Clearance

Cp after a IV Bolus

Equation 30.5.3 Drug Concentration after an IV Bolus Dose

Cp after IV Infusion

Equation 30.5.4 Drug Concentration after an IV continuous Infusion

Version (a) was derived from the Laplace prepared by convolution with roots 0, -α and β. Version (b) was derived by rearranging version (a). In version (c) clearance, CL, replaces V1 • kel.

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