Current Locations

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13 Nov 2017
v1.1.1 Approved for sale

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19 Sep 2017
v1.1 Approved for sale
29 Aug 2017
v1.0.3 Approved for sale.
24 Jan 2017
v1.0.2 approved for sale.
Basic Screen Shot Clicking on either camera icon provides the user with the ability to add or replace a photo of the location. The camera icon is replaced with a thumbnail of the chosen photo. After emailing (or canceling the email) the images are reset. Choosing to save the images to the camera roll is determined on the settings page, press Edit.
30 Jan 2016
v1.0.1 was released this week.
14 Jan 2016
9 Jan 2015
Version 1.0 Build 1 was rejected :-( I had left an error output in the code. Clicking on Get (Address) with no internet access resulted in an error message in the description area. Not actually a programming problem but bad UI and reason for rejection.
I changed this to produce an alert with more information. Hopefully this will be acceptable. Uploaded Build 2 tonight.
29 Dec 2015
Uploaded v1.0 to Apple iOS App Store.
Current Locations provides easy geotagging capability with inclusion of an address and description. The information can be emailed to a specified and stored address for later processing.
Formatted for iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus. Update: Seems to be formatted for all devices thanks to 'Constraints'.
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