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David Bourne david@boomer.org
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v1.0.2 Approved 11 Sep 23. Find it on the App Store Download from the App Store
V1.0.1 Approved 15 Aug 2023.
v1.0 Submitted for approval. Approved 4 August 2023

Let's start' The Start page. The machine model for this app, created with CreateML, was trained with plants specific to the Plains Conservation Center (PCC) in Aurora Colorado. This is part of a prairie restoration project whereby native plants can be encouraged and alien plants removed. Accurate identification of the plants at PCC is important to this project. It is anticipated that training the ML model with plants found at PCC will provide more accurate results. This iPhone app, PCC Plants, should be useful in identifying good versus bad plants, i.e. native versus alien.

Details Page' Images can be imported from your Photo Library or new images can be captured using the iPhone camera.

Save Screen Here we have a photo of a large yellow flower for identification.

Load Page The plants has been identified as a Common Sunflower, a native plant, with 100% probability. This plant is Helianthus annuus of the Asteraceae family. A reference image, one of the images used in the ML creation, is displayed for a visual confirmation of the prediction.

Technologies Used:

The machine learning model was created using Create ML™

David Bourne (david@boomer.org)