R Tremor Demo

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3 June 2016
Uploaded version 1.0 to Apple iOS App Store.

R Tremor Demo (RTremorD) is a demonstration of ResearchKit functionality. This app uses ResearchKit for consent form and provides an example of an active task. Measuring tremor using the phone's sensors.

A few screen shots

Informed Consent

Informed consent Informed consent 0 Informed consent 1 Informed consent 3 Informed consent 4 Informed consent 2 Informed consent 5

Tremor Test

Tremor Test Tremor Test 0 Tremor Test 1 Tremor Test 2 Tremor Test 3 Tremor Test 4 Tremor Test 5 Tremor Test 6 Tremor Test 7

References and More Information

To Do

Transfer of data to secure server (e.g. ATSOP)
Customize consent and survey questions as required
Encryption of data
Account set-up to explore
Informed Consent (http://researchkit.org/docs/docs/InformedConsent/InformedConsent.html)
Explore other survey type questions (http://researchkit.org/docs/docs/Survey/CreatingSurveys.html)
Explore active task types for inclusion in study. e.g. Motor activity, fitness, cognition, voice, audio, hand dexterity (http://researchkit.org/docs/docs/ActiveTasks/ActiveTasks.html)