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David Bourne

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16 Feb 2019 v1.1.1 submitted for approval. Approved 16 Feb 2019 Download from the App Store.

19 Jan 2019 v1.1 submitted for approval. Approved 21 Jan 2019

Updated for iOS 12 and iPhones Xr, Xs, Xs Max.
Added additional locations

Added privacy policy link
26 Aug 2018 v1.0.5 submitted for approval. Approved 27 Aug 2018

Added Web view filled with location url or
Expanded auto-fill capability
Added more locations
Updated locations

8th July 2018 v1.0.3 Submitted for approval. Approved 9 Jul 2018.

Replaced shake gesture with Setting/Menu buttons
Added GPS lock indication to the AR browse area function
Added auto-complete entry of a location for walking directions
Added more locations

19th May 2018 v1.0.2 Submitted for approval. Approved May 2018.

Changed label to black on white background for better legibility
Added more locations
Change shake to move to Settings page
Added GPS location notification

1st April 2018 v1.0.1 Submitted for approval. Approved 2nd April 2018

Added setting for closest, farthest vertical spacing and font size
Added shake to return to start page
Added additional points of interest

10th Mar 2018 v1.0 Submitted for approval. Approved 13 Mar 2018.
A few screenshots

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ss6 ss6 ss6

A video

SE Aurora, South East Aurora, is an augmented reality app for the iPhone puts business labels on the camera view. Locations in Southlands Mall and surrounding area, based on geo location data used for the website site Walking directions from your location to an listed business or other POI are provided. When applicable the app will transitino to the POI website for more information.

Auto-fill no includes type of POI and other options such ATMs.

With Browse Area it can take a few seconds for the GPS to capture the user location before moving slightly to start displaying the labels. If you enter a location in the text field auto-complete will provide potential POIs to select. Click above the Browse Area button to see the GetDirections button. Again, it will take a few seconds to get a good GPS location.

For Browse Area, you can adjust the nearest and farthest points of interest on the settings page. The vertical distance between labels can also be adjusted. Changing the font size can help viewing the labels as well. Settings are saved between use of the app.

Location currently included in this application
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