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11 July 2020
v1.0 Submitted for approval. 12 July 2020 approved.
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Basic Screen Shot This iPhone app, Survey Help, is designed to help you find land survey markers. Many localities provide precise geolocation data (latitude and longitude). Given an area bounded by four points these locations can be entered in the app. The app will provide the distance in feet to the designated location, making marker locations possible (3 out 4 anyway). Here is shown the North-East corner as the selected marker. The map is limited to approximately 1200 feet but will move with the user. Location, gps, data is only required while the app is being used but it is probably best close it when not in use to conserve battery.

Common to apps using GPS it can take a few seconds or so to get a result. As you tap on a latitude or longitude field the keyboard will appear for the data entry. Taping out of the longitude field for any corner should result in both field backgrounds turning green and the distance from that corner to the user appearing. Again, this may take a few seconds. Pressing the Return key will remove the keyboard. From there the app will display the distance to the corner as the user moves towards or away from the corner. The system seems to be accurate within about 5-10 feet so you will need to look around a little to find any survey marks or geotagged location. Remember you will need to include 4-5 decimal places to achieve this precision. Note 0.0001° latitude is approximately 36 feet (around 37° N). Ref with the best accuracy (open sky and multiple satellites) as about 16 feet ( e&oe.

Technologies Used:
MapKit with UIViewRepresentable
LocationManager to find the User
@EnvironObject to allow 'global' variables

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