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/mac/misc/medical/art/abdomaorta.gif.hqx 8 02/06/93 BinHex4.0

Drawing of the abdomen from T12 to the femoral heads showing the basic bony structure, aorta, bifurcation into the femoral arteries, and the major branches. Compuserve Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). Color.

/mac/misc/medical/art/cranialnerves.cpt.hqx 16 6/28/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50

B&W MacPaint drawings of the 12 cranial nerves seen from three different sections.

/mac/misc/medical/art/histology.cpt.hqx 336 5/30/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50

Black and white line art of histological sections including bone, eye, GI, golgi, juxtaglomerular, meninges, etc. MacPaint format.

/mac/misc/medical/art/medsymbols.cpt.hqx 32 5/30/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Black and white line art of hospital symbols in MacPaint format.

/mac/misc/medical/art/torsoanatomy.cpt.hqx 73 5/30/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Black and white line art anatomy of the torso. 4 views.

/mac/misc/medical/art/upperextrem.cpt.hqx 221 5/30/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Twelve black and white illustrations of the upper extremity.

/mac/misc/medical/art/ysmicons1.0.cpt.hqx 130 5/14/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Icons for medicine and bioscience from Yale University, School of Medicine. HyperCard stack allows you to edit and transfer icons to other stacks.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/anatomistdemo.cpt.hqx 831 4/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Functional demo of cardiovascular, muscular, and skeletal systems. Very nice B&W artwork, however, this stack will not run properly with HyperCard 2.0.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/dentalcourseware.cpt.hqx 1813 5/30/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Interactive demo of coursewares in Dentistry from the University Montreal School of Dentistry. Includes Anatomy and Anaesthesia of the Mandibular nerve. Requires 8bit color, a 13" monitor, and at least 5 meg of RAM.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/diagnosticreasoning.cpt.hqx 754 8/12/94 BinHex4.0,CompactPro1.34 HyperCard demo - the Christine Brennan Case. Very well designed.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/functionalanatomydemo.cpt.hqx 489 4/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Demos of fundamentals of human embryology, functional anatomy of the orbit, and the ear - an audiovisual tour.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/hstcardiacarrhythmia.cpt.hqx 2970 5/14/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Demo of Harvard Medical School's HST Cardiac Arrythmia tutor. Includes review and problem sets in ladder diagrams, intro to ECG analysis, and ectopic beats and rhythms. Full version also includes escape beats and rhythms, and heart blocks. Sounds and Color. NOTE: REQUIRES 256 COLORS.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/iliaddemo.cpt.hqx 980 5/2/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Demo of the Iliad information system. Useful even if you've used ILIAD before because it explains many of the features.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/knowledgefinder1.8.cpt.hqx 183 5/2/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Information search and retrieval front end for the CD-ROM version of medline

/mac/misc/medical/demo/lunglab1.b.cpt.hqx 630 5/14/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Teaches Anatomy, lung sounds, physical exam and abnormalities.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/neuroillness.cpt.hqx 1518 6/17/94 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Demo of 'An Atlas of Neurologic Illness' -contains only the section on Traumatic Brain Injury. Introductory atlas for medical and other health professions students. Requires COLOR. Does not behave nicely if HyperCard is running with less than the suggested memory allocation.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/neurolabdemo.cpt.hqx 2071 4/22/94 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 NeuroLab is a neural network ilibrary for Extend (graphical icon-based simulation program) and is a powerful and effective tool for understanding, designing and simulating artificial neural network systems. Extend demo is also included and they must run together.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/pharmaid.cpt.hqx 170 5/2/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Program to teach the fundamentals of pharmacology. Includes mechanism, class, target, therapeutic uses, adverse reactions, and kinetics of many common drugs. Includes diagrams and a charting tool.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/stakauthor1.0.cpt.hqx 170 5/2/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Shows how the StakAuthor works to create interactive videodisc lessons with the Slice of Life laserdisc.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/statreftour.cpt.hqx 949 5/30/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 A CD ROM medical information retrieval system.

/mac/misc/medical/demo/thelazyeye.cpt.hqx 336 5/14/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Excellent primer of neurophthalmology. Includes CN VI palsy, nystagmus, Marcus-Gunn pupil and others. For diagnostic purposes you can use lights or drugs. Includes anatomy. Full version also includes cases.

/mac/misc/medical/education/asthmaeducation.cpt.hqx 3509 12/23/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 A very brightly colored, nicely done asthma education program. Requires a 13" monitor and is somewhat memory hungry. Nice performance on a Q950, so-so on a IIsi.

/mac/misc/medical/education/ekgcourselesson1.sit.hqx 203 12/28/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.07 A animated, HyperCard-like first lesson in reading EKG waves. Developed using CourseBuilder. Lesson 1 - wave identification.

/mac/misc/medical/education/ekgcourselesson2.cpt.hqx 233 1/10/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Second lesson of the EKG reading instruction program. Teaches rate calculation and criteria for sinus bradycardia and tachycardia.

/mac/misc/medical/education/ekteach1.0.cpt.hqx 35 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Teach students how to read electrocardiograms.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/aclspharmacology.cpt.hqx 16 5/14/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50

Drugs for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Contains 20 drugs with brand and generic nams, indications, method of actions, dosage, and precautions.

/mac/hypercard/science/aids.sit.hqx 48 4/28/88 BinHex4.0,StuffIt1.51 A stack containing a pretty morbid looking clock listing the AIDS mortality figures along with the time.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/aidsacademiccourse7.02.cpt.hqx 700 4/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 A photographic album of AIDS issues. Well documents and credited. B&W.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/aidsstack.cpt.hqx 279 2/20/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Information on the Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome. Well designed. Useful for disseminating information to patients.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/alcoholw1.1.cpt.hqx 135 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50

For alcohol counselors and other health care professionals who need to know about Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/alpha.cpt.hqx 24 4/8/94 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50

Nerve stimulation simulator. A trial version of a simulated laboratory based on responses of a nerve to variations in stimulus duration and intensity.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/bionavigator2.0.cpt.hqx 184 4/8/94 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 A front-end interface for medical hypercard stacks. Nice graphics, with button links that can be customized.

/mac/misc/demo/brainhtbdemo.sit.hqx 169 6/9/94 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.07 Educational software that explores the subject of the Brain; demo has truncated text and no graphics; requires Hypercard 2.x.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/brainstack.cpt.hqx 99 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Describes different lobes of the brain and specialized regions visually by clicking and highlighting areas.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/clinicalbiochemistry.cpt.hqx 237 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Descriptions of Diabetes, Von Gierke's disease, and Alcohol. 37 others included in full stack. Includes page number references to Stryer's Biochemistry, and diagrams of pathways.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/clinicalsoftware.cpt.hqx 140 2/20/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Demo of Clinical Software for Developing Countries. Four stacks covering Birth Control Determinations, Immunization Schedules, Respiratory Dx, and Intestinal Diagnosis.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/cprlifesupport.cpt.hqx 224 9/28/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 One person, two person, and infant CPR. Beta version that will eventually be part of a larger first aid stack.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/cprmacnurse.cpt.hqx 206 9/28/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Nicely done CPR Hypercard stack. Includes animations and will run by itself if left alone.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/creatinineclearance.cpt.hqx 9 5/14/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Very simple 2 card hypercard stack to do the dirty work for a urologist to calculate creatinine clearance givine total 24hr urine volume, creatinine, and plasma creatinine.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/diabetictool.cpt.hqx 77 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Chart ones blood sugar and plot it throughout the year. Designed for 1990, but shouldn't be too difficult to update.

/mac/misc/molbio/dnastacks1.0m1.cpt.hqx 762 1/15/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 A set of two stacks. DNA Translator displays codon and amino acid usage data, contains a "gene mapping" facility, and is a workbench of sequence manipulation tools. Aligner is a tool for manual alignment of sequences. Allows color-coding and speaking of base pair sequences. May be useful to those interested in phylogenetic analysis or color-coded display of DNA or protein sequence alignments. Requires HyperCard 2.0.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/eartour.cpt.hqx 99 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Explore the gross anatomy and histology of the ear. Nicely done.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/growth.cpt.hqx 108 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Chart children's growth patterns against a gender standard for patients. Includes explanations of common growth disorders. Impressive.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/healthquiz.cpt.hqx 58 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Answer simple questions about your health habits to rank your level of health.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/heartsounds.cpt.hqx 120 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Illustrate various heart pathologies. Sound is accompanied by a diagram illustrating the best area to auscultate.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/hypercise.cpt.hqx 16 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Keep track of progress in weight training. You can graph your progress.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/hyperimmune.cpt.hqx 262 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 A basic immunology tutorial.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/hyperiteup0.73b.cpt.hqx 60 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Write up histories and physicals.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/maccamps2.03.sit.hqx 506 1/24/93 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.07 System for creating and running simulated patients. During cases, information about cost, risk, efficiency and thoroughness is gathered. Users scored against a definable panel of experts. Data available for analysis by other programs. Demo has only one case: a 12-month-old w/diarrhea. Requires HyperCard 2.0.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/mendelgenetics.cpt.hqx 417 8/20/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Three tutorials in Mendelian genetics. Includes stacks to do simple statistical analysis as well as T and Q testing.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/myersbriggs.cpt.hqx 29 5/30/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Take a 50-question Myers Brigg's Personality Test and interpret the results.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/neurotour.cpt.hqx 353 2/20/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Teaches neuroanatomy.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/nomisconception.cpt.hqx 407 2/20/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 A birth control resource. How to choose a form of contraception, specific instructions, and related topics. Limited demo version.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/nutrition1.1.cpt.hqx 44 2/20/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Calculate nutrional content of breakfasts incuding protein, carbohydrates, fat, sodium, vitamins and minerals. Full version includes lunch, dinner and snacks.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/ocularanatomy.cpt.hqx 167 7/30/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Designed to train office staff, educate patients, and supplement optometry students' class notes.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/orad3.0.cpt.hqx 276 4/8/94 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Oral Radiology v3.0 (This replaces ORAD 1.1). An Oral Radiographic Differential Diagnosis stack. This stack will evaluate information you provide and compare it to data from over 130 of the most common lesions manifested in the maxilla or mandible giving you the most likely differentials.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/overweight.cpt.hqx 7 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Calculate body mass index given a patient's height and weight.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/parasites.cpt.hqx 21 2/20/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Database containing about 30 parasites, routes of infection, intermediate hose, pathophysiology, infective stages, vectors, rx, and more.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/poisoncontrol.cpt.hqx 35 3/21/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Home First Aid & Poison Control Handbook for Children, listing basic poison control information and phone numbers.

/mac/misc/molbio/rebase.cpt.hqx 136 8/20/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 For use by molecular biologists working with restriction enzymes. Includes sample UWGCG restriction enzyme list. Requires HyperCard 2.0.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/rheumatoidarthritis.cpt.hqx 44 4/8/94 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Hand by William Stevens of Georgetown University. Includes anatomy and physiology, a discussion including diagnosis, tratement and prognosis, and a short bibliography.

/mac/misc/medical/hypercard/vitamins.cpt.hqx 107 2/20/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Database of vitamins and minerals. Also describes where they can be found, and what they are effective with.

/mac/misc/medical/text/othermedical.txt 2 7/12/93 Text A listing of health science related resources available on the internet including DOS medical archives. Additions to Updated as necessary.

/mac/misc/medical/text/medicalbbslist.txt 43 8/13/92 Text A list of medical, fire/EMS, science, recovery, AIDS and disABILITY related bulletin board systems. Current as of 4/1/92.

/mac/misc/medical/util/analyzesignalase2.03.cpt.hqx 30 7/30/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Predict signalase cleavage sites using the algorithm of von Heijne (Nucleic Acids Res, 14:4683-4690, 1986). A rather primitive implementation of the Macintosh GUI. Version 2.03.

/mac/misc/medical/util/diethelper2.0.cpt.hqx 11 6/28/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Enter the quantities of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, the percentages in diet, and/or the total calories. It then calculates the missing information.

/mac/misc/molbio/dnaid1.8.cpt.hqx 221 1/7/94 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 A DNA-oriented full screen editor. Can handle several sequence in different windows. Has powerful search functions, which can help identify open reading frames, regulatory signals, consensus sequences, potential oligonucleotides annealing sites and any complex or degenerated patterns of nucleotides or aminoacids you specify.

/mac/misc/medical/util/hemoglobincurve.cpt.hqx 11 6/28/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Draws a hemoglobin dissociation curve given pCO2, pH, temperature, and hemoglobin concentration.

/mac/misc/medical/util/nihgranttemplates2.3.cpt.hqx 111 8/13/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Templates for preparation of grant applications to the National Institute of Health. Includes PHS398 and PHS2590 forms in Microsoft Word and Excel formats.

/mac/util/organization/notecard2.47.cpt.hqx 268 6/17/93 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Create review questions to help you study for exams. Includes a 700-question pathology exam. For $15, you get 7000+ medical questions. Includes about 700 pathology review questions useful for studying for NBME part I. Not just for medical students, though.

/mac/misc/medical/util/numberator.cpt.hqx 14 6/28/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 Determine the minimum number of subjects per sample needed to show whether a true difference of a given magnitude (delta) at a significance level (alpha) is present with a given probability (P) that the significance will be found, if indeed it is present.

/mac/misc/medical/util/spinecho0.96.cpt.hqx 65 5/30/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 A Magnetic Resonance Contrast Simulator.

/mac/misc/medical/util/veggies2.0.cpt.hqx 31 6/28/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.50 A program to calculate the nutritive content of various foods. Has the capability of adding additional foods.