Privacy Statement,,,,, PharmPK listserv (and a few variants) aka "the Group".

As with most web sites, the Group, logs web access by IP address, page visited, referrer page, search terms, date and time. These logs are processed to provide internal statistics for web traffic analysis. Once processed the raw logs are deleted after a month or two at most.

The site uses cookies on the course pages only to keep track of the course home page the visitor should return to from the various internal course pages. Homework results are stored in a password protected database shared with home institutions and deleted when no longer required.

No data is shared with third parties except as described in the previous paragraph.

The advertising on is manually processed without third party asistence.

The PharmPK listserv is hosted on University of Colorado, Denver servers and uses their data retention policies. Past PharmPK discussions are archived on the PharmPK website and more recent messages are archived by the UCDenver listserv.

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