29 May 2018
Version 1.0.2 approved and available on the Apple TV App Store.
Updated for https: file transfer of videos

2 Jan 2016
Updated six more video tutorials, modules 4 and 5. Please note these video tutorials should be used for Educational or Self-Study Purposes Only!!.
19 Dec 2015
Completed re-recording the Pharmacy Math videos for module three.
12 Dec 2015
The video tutorials for Pharmacy Math module 2 have been re-recorded with English subtitles. The last two tutorials in module 8 have also been re-recorded with narration by Aaron.
29 Nov 2015
Another video has been updated.
26 Nov 2015
I've found a way to update access to the new video tutorials without removing and re-installing the app. Apps on the Apple TV can be quit using a method similar to iOS apps. Double click the home button (top-right, looks like a TV set) on the Siri remote. Apps that have been launched will appear and you can swipe up on an app to quit it. Re-launching the app should show the new videos.
22 Nov 2015
The app was accepted by Apple and is now available in the tvOS App Store. Today, searching for 'pha' brings up four apps. Two, show phases of the moon and one is a game. Searching for 'phar' bring up this app only so it looks to be the first Pharmacy related app for Apple TV (4th ed)!!!

Currently the app is free but I must apologize for the quality of the images. They were first developed when file size and 'baud' rate was king. First developed for the Basic Pharmacokinetics website, now and a Pharmacy Math website. They were subsequently transitioned to a series of eBooks for the iBooks (iPad, iPhone and Macintosh computer) listed here Today two of the videos have been reproduced at a higher screen size (1080p) and have English closed captioning. Tell Siri "Show closed captions" or "Hide closed captions" will show or hide them.

These are actually ("soft") subtitles based on (a subset) of the SRT file format. AppleTV and iOS devices seem to use this information appropriately. There is even a facility for multiple language captions. Still working on EIA-608 standard captioning which uses the more complex .scc file format.

I plan to 'upgrade' more of the videos and will upload them to the server as they are prepared. So far it seems that the app needs to be removed and re-installed to see the new video versions. There should be an easier way to do this so I'll post that information here once I find out more.

15 Nov 2015
Submitted - Basic Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacy Math, Pharmacy Calculations Video Tutorials for your TV.

Basic Pharmacokinetics

Pharmacy Math

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