Post infusion

Before moving on to discussing various routes of drug administration, we can look at the equation for plasma concentration after an infusion is stopped.

Remember that the equation for plasma concentration versus time during an IV infusion is:-

(Equation VI-2 from earlier)

If the infusion is continued indefinitely then the plasma concentration approaches a steady state plasma concentration.

(Equation VI-3 from earlier)

If however the infusion is stopped the plasma concentration can be expected to fall.

Scheme or diagram

Diagram VI-2. During and After an IV Infusion - One Compartment Model

The scheme shown to represent 'after the infusion is stopped' is the same as that for the bolus injection.

A HypercardTM Stack for exploring IV Infusion Administration calculations is available for downloading.
For practice try calculating required infusion rates and parameter values. Compare your answers with the computer! These problems include bolus/infusion and fast/slow infusion regimen cacluations as well as parameters determinations from two post infusion drug concentrations.
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