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Oral administration

Diagram XIV-3 Scheme for Oral Administration

Equation XIV-9 Rate of Change of Cp

Equation XIV-10 Cp versus Time

Figure XIV-5 Linear Plot of Cp versus Time

Figure XIV-6 Semi-log Plot of Cp versus Time

With this refresher, drug pharmacokinetics after multiple dose administration may be easier to understand.

Aspirin given for a headache may be given as a single administration, whereas aspirin for arthritis will be given as a multiple dose. Antibiotics are usually given as a multiple dose regimen to produce and maintain effective plasma concentration. In fact, many drugs are given this way; anti-hypertensives, anti-epileptics etc.

Multiple dose administration is a very common method of drug administration. Up to this point we can calculate the drug concentration in plasma at any time after a single dose, we will continue now by looking at the equations for multiple dose administration.

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