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Summarize Data

During the development of new drugs and new dosage forms numerous pharmacokinetic studies in animals (pre-clinical) and humans (clinical) are performed. These and other studies will produce large amounts of data. Even a simple six subject study will provide considerable data. A full page of data..

Data from six subjects

Table 6.2.1 Data from six subjects

and numerous plots of the data.

Figure 6.2.1 Linear plot of concentration versus time data from subject 1

Figure 6.2.1 illustrates one of these plots of the data from just one subject. Also portrayed in Figure 6.2.1 is a simple one compartment model with two parameters, V and kel. If we model all the data in Table 6.2.1 we can summarize all these data with the model and averaged parameter values.

Model and Parameter values

Table 6.2.2 Simple model and parameter values

Thus the data from six subjects can be summarized with an equation (model) and parameter values for the model.

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