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Program Output

Student Objectives for this Chapter

Each of the nonlinear regression program will provide useful output at tables, plots, error messages etc. The pharmacokinetic modeler should take care to read this output carefully. The model should be checked to make sure that the program is working with the right information. Check the data printed out by the computer to make sure it matches the data you started with. Keyboarding errors are too common and can be difficult to find.

Model definition section from Boomer output

Figure 9.1.1 Model definition section from a Boomer output

The model definition section in the Boomer output allows you to confirm the model specification. With other programs you might need to review the drawing and equations (SAAM II) or the model selected from the library (WinNonlin).

Data output section from Boomer

Figure 9.1.2 Data Output section from Boomer

Check both the independent variable (time) and the dependent variable (drug concentration) values in the data table to make sure that these numbers are correct. It is difficult to get an accurate fit to the data when the numbers are wrong.

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