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Data Output

Table of Observed versus Calculated Data

The table of observed data should be check for data entry errors. Also, comparison of observed and calculated data can give a good indication of the final fit from the nonlinear regression analysis.

Table of observed and calculated data

Table 9.3.1 Table of observed and calculated data

Notice the similarities between these two columns of numbers indicating a reasonably good fit to the data.

Weight Applied to each Data Point

Table of observed data and weight

Table 9.3.2 Table of observed data and weight (square root)

You should look for very high or very low weight values. This may indicate data entry errors or outliers points. Possibly another weighting scheme may be more suitable.

Weighted Residual

Table of weighted residuals

Table 9.3.3 Table of Observed data and the weighted residuals

This table of weighted residuals can be quite instructive. A good fit would be indicate by weighted residuals with similar values and nice random change of sign. This would indicate that the best fit line was between the observed data points. Right where we want it.

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