Chapter 13

Formulation Factors

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Formulation Factors Affecting Oral Absorption

Student Objectives for this Chapter

After completing the material in this chapter each student should:- The role of the drug formulation in the delivery of drug to the site of action should not be ignored. With any drug it is possible to alter its bioavailability considerably by formulation modification. With some drugs an even larger variation between a good formulation and a bad formulation has been observed. Since a drug must be in solution to be absorbed efficiently from the G-I tract, you may expect the bioavailability of a drug to decrease in the order solution > suspension > capsule > tablet > coated tablet. This order may not always be followed but it is a useful guide. One example is the results for pentobarbital. Here the order was found to be aqueous solution > aqueous suspension = capsule > tablet of free acid form. This chapter will briefly discuss each of these formulation types particularly in regard to the relative bioavailability.

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