Chapter 5 - Page 2

Plot of Drug and Metabolite in Body and Urine

Drug elimination by excretion as unchange drug and metabolism can be explored. Changing the parameters kel, fe and kmu or CL, fe, and CLme provide a number of variations in the amounts eliminated as drug or by metabolism.


Figure 5.13.1 Diagram illustrating IV Bolus Dose, One Compartment model with Excretion and Metabolism

Equation 5.13.1 Amount of Drug in the Body, X, versus time

Equation 5.13.2 Amount of Drug Excreted into Urine, U, versus time

Equation 5.13.3 Amount of Metabolite in the Body, M, versus time

Equation 5.13.4 Amount of Metabolite excreted into Urine, Mu, versus time

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