One Compartment Zero Order Release
Chapter 10 Page 3

Plot of Cp versus Time after Zero Order Release from an Implant
One Compartment Model

First try simulating a typical expected result for a multiple day patch using a dose of 5,400 g (5.4 mg) over 72 hours with kel = 0.289 hr-1 and V = 87.5 L (1.25 L/kg). (Ritschel 1992). This simulation produces concentrations of approximately 2.5 g/L (2.5 ng/ml). (rxlist 2004). A Class I recall (FDA 2004) reported "a potential seal breach" which could "result in an increased absorption of the" drug. Repeat the simulation with a duration of 12 or 24 hours to represent a more rapid drug release. Change the value of the Maximum Y if you want to see the full concentration time curve. Add each line using the Add Line button.

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