One Compartment IV and Oral
Chapter 8 Problem 4

Plot of Cp versus Time

A drug was administered as an IV injection, and oral solution and two tablet formulations (one rapid and the other a slow release tablet). A dissolution step was included to model the two tablet formulations. Parameters values included kel = 0.077 hr-1,V = 81.3 L, ka = 0.113 hr-1. The two tablet formulations required kd = 0.405 hr-1 or 0.0261 hr-1. The dose were 25000 mg (Dose1 IV bolus), 20300 mg (Dose2 Oral solution), 19000 mg (Dose3 Oral rapid release tablet) and 21600 mg (Dose3 Oral slow release tablet). Simulate the concentration versus time curves after each dose. Bevill et al., 1977. Add additional lines using the Plot Line button.

Figure 8.4.1 One Compartment Model with Dissolution and Absorption

The equations for this model after IV Bolus, Solution, and Tablet doses were developed using Laplace transforms.

  IV Bolus Oral Solution Oral Tablet (fast) Oral Tablet (slow)
Dose1 25000      
Dose2   20300    
Dose13     19000 21600
kel (hr-1) 0.077 0.077 0.077 0.077
V (L) 81.3 81.3 81.3 81.3
ka (hr-1)   0.113 0.113 0.113
kd (hr-1)     0.405 0.0261


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