IV Infusion - Example Calculations 2

After an IV Infusion - Linear One Compartment Model

Question 1. Calculate the infusion rate required to maintain a desired drug concentration of 6 mg/L and an IV bolus dose to achieve that concentration rapidly. Assume a one compartment pharmacokinetic model. The V and total body clearance values for this drug are 28.2 L and 7.7 L/hr respectively.
Question 2. Calculate the fast infusion rate (over 10 min) required to achieve a desired drug concentration of 4 mg/L and a slow IV infusion rate to maintain that concentration. Assume a one compartment pharmacokinetic model. The V and t1/2 values for this drug are 62.7 L and 4.7 hr respectively.
Question 3. A drug has been given at an infusion rate of 100 mg/hr for 30 min. Two drug concentration values determined at 3 hr and 12 hr after the start of the infusion were 0.868 and 0.207 mg/L, respectively. Assuming a one compartment model applies for this drug estimate the elimination rate constant, elimination half-life, apparent volume of distribution and the total body clearance for the drug.

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The Equations:

Cp versus time after an IV infusion - CL

Equation 15.2.1 Drug Concentration after an IV Infusion

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