Calculation of Drug Concentration

Non-Uniform Multiple IV Bolus Dose Regimen

A patient is started on a drug at an IV bolus dose of 150 mg at time zero, 100 mg at 12 hours and 30 mg at 24 hours (makes no sense but a nice random regimen :- all times are from time zero). Calculate the drug concentration at a few of time points during the first three dosing interval. Graph these data on semi-log graph paper (The graph is not required for this homework exercise). Specifically calculate the concentration three hours after the first dose, two hours after the second dose and one hour after the third dose. Assume a one compartment linear model applies to this drug in this concentration range. The kel and V for this drug in this patient (66.7 kg) are 0.145 hr and 0.31 L/kg, respectively.
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The equation:

Cp after non uniform multiple dose regimen

Equation 25.5.1 Drug Concentration during a Multiple Dose Regimen (Non-Uniform Regimen)

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