Multiple IV Bolus - Example Calculations 2

Question 2. A potent drug is to be given by multiple IV bolus injections. On consideration of the patient's clinical condition it is decided that the Cpmax and Cpmin drug concentrations should be maintained close to but below 6 and 0.25 mg/L, respectively. Assume a one compartment linear model applies to this drug in this concentration range. The half-life and V for this drug in this patient (71.7 kg) are 5.2 hr and 0.67 L/kg, respectively. Calculate the dosing interval that will exactly achieve this concentration requirement. Round this dosing interval to the nearest, appropriate multiple of 4 hour. Recalculate the fraction remaining at the end of the dosing interval (R') and estimate an appropriate loading and maintenance dose (rounding to the nearest appropriate 10 mg). Finally, check your answer by estimating Cpmax and Cpmin.

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Some Equations:

Cp after multiple doses

Equation 25.1.1 Drug Concentration during a Multiple Dose Regimen (Uniform Regimen)

Cp during at Multiple Dose at Steady State

Equation 25.1.2 Steady State Drug Concentrations after Multiple Dose Regimen (Uniform Regimen)

Accumulation factor, R

Equation 25.1.3 Fraction Remaining at the End of the Dosing Interval, R

Loading and Maintenance IV Bolus Dose

Equation 25.1.4 Loading and Maintenance IV Dose

Cp after non uniform multiple dose regimen

Equation 25.1.5 Drug Concentration during a Multiple Dose Regimen (Non-Uniform Regimen)

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