Two compartment IV Bolus - Example Calculations

Micro to Macro Constants

Question 1. A drug follows first order (i.e. linear) two compartment pharmacokinetics. After looking in the literature we find a number of parameter values for this drug. These numbers represent the micro constants for this drug. In order that we can calculate the drug concentration after a single IV bolus dose these parameters need to be converted into values for the macro constants. The kel and V1 for this drug in this patient are 0.16 hr-1 and 42.5 L, respectively. The k12 and k21 values this drug are 2.07 and 1.52 hr-1, respectively. What is the plasma concentration of this drug 3 hours after a 250 mg, IV Bolus dose. In order to complete this calculation first calculate the appropriate A, B, α and β values.

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Some Equations:

Cp versus time for two compartment model

Equation 30.1.1 Cp versus Time after an IV Bolus - Two compartment model

alpha + beta

Equation 30.1.2 α plus β

alpha x beta

Equation 30.1.3 α times β

alpha or beta

Equation 30.1.4 α or β


Equation 30.1.5 A value


Equation 30.1.6 B value

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