XI Physiological Factors Affecting Oral Absorption


=> To understand the physiological factors which affect the oral absorption of drug products

In the next few Chapters physiological, physiochemical, and formulation factors which can influence the observed rate and extent of oral absorption will be discussed.

Looking briefly at the overall picture of drug absorption, distribution, and elimination.

Diagram XI-1, Scheme of ADME processes

The ultimate goal is to have the drug reach the site of action in a concentration which produces a pharmacological effect. No matter how the drug is given (other than I.V.) it must pass through a number of biological membranes before it reaches the site of action.

We can start by looking at:-

  1. Membrane Physiology
    1. Considering the structure of membranes
    2. Transport processes
  2. Gastrointestinal physiology
    1. Characteristics of gastrointestinal physiology
    2. Gastric motility and emptying
    3. Influence of food
    4. Other factors

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