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Development of general equation

We can now consider a general equation which could describe the plasma concentration at any time after multiple IV. bolus drug administration.

Concentration at the end of the first dosing interval

Equation XIV-11 Cp after the First Dose


This gives the plasma concentrations at the end of first interval, where t is the dosing interval in hours.

At the start of the second interval

then at the end of the second dose interval

and so on.

It will help if we define the parameter

which is the fraction of the initial plasma concentration remaining at the end of the dosing interval.


this is a geometric series with each term R times the preceding term.


Equation XIV-12 Cp Immediately after the nth Doses


Equation XIV-13 Cp at the end of nth Dosing Interval

these two sums can be simplified to give


Equation XIV-14 Cp at the Beginning on the nth Dosing Interval



Equation XIV-15 Cp at the End of the nth Dosing Interval

using the first equation (Equation XIV-14) we can calculate the concentration in plasma at any time following uniform multiple IV bolus administration.

where t = time since the last dose. Then

Equation XIV-16 Cp at any Time after n Doses


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