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Program Set-Up - Boomer

Boomer doesn't have built-in model drawing capability. Consequently it is useful if the modeler draws the model on paper prior to starting the program. This can clarify the numbering of components and data sets. It also makes the specification of rate constants and volumes of distribution more precise. For a simple one compartment model after IV bolus administration the model is quite simple. One circle represents the central compartment and one arrow represents the elimination rate constant. The triangle, representing the apparent volume of distribution, links the amount of drug in the one compartment (circle) with the concentration of drug represented by the rectangle.

Diagram for a one compartment model

Figure 8.3.1 Diagram representing a one compartment model

The next step is to convert the parts in the model to parameters from the Boomer parameter toolbox. This could be done by notation on the diagram above or by preparing a table of parameter types. Currently the available parameter types within Boomer include:

Boomer parameter types

Figure 8.3.2 Parameter types available with Boomer (Dec 2002)

The model in Figure 8.3.1 has one first order rate constant (a type 2 parameter), a dose (type 1), and an apparent volume of distribution (type 18). These can represented in tabular form before starting the program.

Table of parameters

Table 8.3.1 Parameter types and values for the model in Figure 8.3.1

Now it is time to start the program. Boomer is a menu driven program. That is, once started the program will present the user with a set sequence of menu choices. Initially the user will select input and output options and 'Normal Fitting' for nonlinear regression analysis. The model is described to the program through a series of questions and prompts. Fitting and optimization algorithms are selected. Finally the data and weighting schemes are entered. The program will hopefully finish satisfactorily and produce useful output.

Refer to the Boomer manual for more detail. Boomer (Reference

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