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Program Set-Up - WinNonlin - based on an earlier version

WinNonlin is also event driven and models are selected from a list. The first phase in the analysis is the selection of a model. The model is selected by category and then the specific model.

Selecting the model

Figure 8.5.1 Selection of the model

The first selection is the general category of compiled models and the second the specific model, IV bolus first order elimination.

Data is entered in a spreadsheet window, in this case in columns A and B for time and Cp values respectively.

Data entry window

Figure 8.5.2 Data entry window

The next step is to link the data in the spreadsheet and apply a weight.

Link data

Figure 8.5.3 Link data to the specified model

The next step is to enter the initial estimates for the parameters and to provide dose information.

Parameter estimates and dose information

Figure 8.5.4 Entry of parameter estimates and dose information

Refer to the WinNonlin manual for more detail. WinNonlin (Reference

Screen shots are from an older versions of WinNonlin.

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