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Program Set-Up - ADAPT - based on previous versions

ADAPT is a large Fortran program. Models are specified with Fortran statement which are compiled and linked to the remainder of the program. Once the 'new' ADAPT program is prepared with your model included the program is run in a menu driven mode.

Model specified as Fortran statements

Figure 8.6.1 The model is defined with Fortran statements

The xp term defines the rate of change of drug amount and the y term is the drug concentration term. Note the inclusion of P(1) and P(2) to represent kel and V. Once the program is started the user enters numerical information about the model and the dose administered.

Model and dose information

Figure 8.6.2 Entering model and dose information

Model output specification and the data are entered next.

Output specification and data entry

Figure 8.6.3 Output specification and data entry are next

Initial parameter estimates

Figure 8.6.4 Inputting initial parameter estimates

Refer to the ADAPT manual for more detail. ADAPT website

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