Chapter 4

One Compartment IV Bolus

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IV Bolus - Example 3

Question: What IV bolus dose is required to achieve a plasma concentration of 2.4 µg/ml (= 2.4 mg/L) at 6 hours after the dose is administered. The elimination rate constant, kel, is 0.17 hr- 1) and the apparent volume of distribution, V, is 25 L.

Answer: Rearrange Equation 4.11.1 to give Equation 4.13.1

Equation 4.13.1 Dose For Cp at time t

Substituting in the values we know

Also note:

Equation 4.13.2 Concentration versus time


Equation 4.13.3 Cp0 from Cp and time


Equation 4.13.4 Dose from Cp0 and V


Try your own calculation

Calculator 4.13.1 Calculate the Required IV Bolus Dose

Elimination rate constant:
Apparent Volume of Distribution: Cannot be zero
Keep Cp above:
for how long:

Cp0 is:
and the required Dose is:

If you get the Error Message Value is not a numeric literal or NaN this probably means that one of the required parameter fields is empty or a value is inappropriate.

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