Chapter 4

One Compartment IV Bolus

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IV Bolus - Example 4

Question: After an I.V. bolus dose of 500 mg the data collected in Table 4.14.1 were collected. Calculate kel and V.

Table 4.14.1 Concentration versus Time Data
Time (hr) 1 2 3 4 6 8 10
Cp (mcg/ml) 72 51 33 20 14 9 4

Plot the data on semi-log graph paper (Figure 4.14.1) and determine Cp1, Cp2, t1 and t2.

Figure 4.14.1 Plot of Cp versus Time on Semi-log Graph Paper After an I.V. Bolus Dose of 500 mg.



Figure 4.14.2 V from dose and Cp0


Equation 4.12.3 Clearance from kel and V

Try your own calculation

Calculator 4.14.1 Calculate Parameter Values from Two Data Points from a Line drawn through Data Collected after an IV Bolus

IV Bolus Dose:
First concentration:
Time of first Cp value:
Second concentration:
Time of second Cp value:
kel is:
t1/2 is:
Cp0 is:
V is:
and Total Body Clearance is:

If you get the Error Message Value is not a numeric literal or NaN this probably means that one of the required parameter fields is empty or a value is inappropriate.

Calculator for Best-fit to IV Bolus data

Figure 4.5.1 Linear plot of ln(Cp) versus time

Click on the figure to view the interactive graph

For practice you can plot these data collected after an IV bolus dose and estimate pharmacokinetic parameters.

Student Objectives for this Chapter

Chapter 4 Crossword Puzzle and key

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