Chapter 1

Online Resources

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Graph Paper Resources

Graph Paper in PDF Format. If you have Adobe Reader (v5.0 or greater) installed (or Preview in Mac OS X) clicking on the links below will provide the graph paper indicated.

Interactive Graphs

These interactive graphs should work with Safari and Chrome. Some require Java.

Interactive Calculators

Video/Audio Tutorials

ChapterDescriptionVideo LinkAudio Only
2Graphing DataVideoAudio
2Writing Differential EquationsVideoAudio
2Calculating AUCVideoAudio
4Calculating kel and VVideoAudio
5Analysis of Urine DataVideoAudio
6Analyzing IV Infusion DataVideoAudio
9Method of ResidualsVideoAudio
14Calculating a multiple dose IV regimenVideoAudio
14Calculating a multiple dose IV regimen 2VideoAudio
14Superposition PrincipleVideoAudio
21Non-Linear EliminationVideoAudio

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