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Program Set-Up - SAAM II - based on older versions of SAAM II

SAAM II will allow you to draw the model from within the program. Consequently the preparation steps recommended for Boomer are not as necessary when using SAAM II. They may still be useful however.

SAAM II is an event driven program which means that once you start the program you make selections from the graphical user interface or the menus to make option selections, enter data or initial parameter values. The main program window includes panels for making model and experiment selections and panel for drawing the model.

Initial SAAM II Window

Figure 8.4.1 Initial SAAM II window

The model is drawn by selecting first a circle (compartment) and then an arrow (rate constant). Next the experiment is specified in terms of duration and time units, dose and sample points.

Model drawn in SAAM II window

Figure 8.4.2 The SAAM II window after the model is drawn

Double clicking on the syringe allows the specification of the dose. Double clicking on the sampling.

Specifying the dosage regimen

Figure 8.4.3 Specifying the dosage regimen

Double clicking on the sample allows the specification of the sample. Note the equation for s1 is q1/V. q1 is the amount in the compartment and V is apparent volume of distribution.

Specifying the sample

Figure 8.4.4 Specifying the sample

Show/Data, Show/Parameters and Show/Plot menu items allow the specification of the data, initial parameter values and plot specifications. The next step is to select the menu items Compute/Solve to use the initial estimates and Compute/Fit to calculate the best fit value.

Refer to the SAAM II website for more details.

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