Chapter 14

Multiple IV Infusion Doses

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Multiple IV Infusion Doses

A drug may be given as multiple intravenous (IV) infusion. For various reasons mentioned in Chapter 6 an infusion may be preferable to a bolus dose. Thus, multiple intravenous infusions may be an appropriate dosing regimen for longer term therapy. The equation for a single IV infusion was given previously in Chapter 6, Equation 6.6.4.

Cp <i>versus</i> Time during and after an IV infusion

Equation 14.8.1 Cp versus Time during and after an IV infusion

By use of the superposition principle drug concentration over multiple IV infusions can be calculated. Time in each equation is offset by the previous dosing intervals.

Plot of ln(Cp) <i>versus</i> time

Student Objectives for this Chapter

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