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Review of mathematical functions. Introductory pharmacokinetics, absorption, distribution, metabolism & excretion of drugs. Qualitative + quantitative descriptions of factors which influence drug disposition. Clinical applications of pharmacokinetics.

  1. Introduction
  2. Background Material
  3. Pharmacokinetics introduction
  4. One compartment I.V. bolus
    Plasma data
    Volume, AUC, Half- life
  5. Analysis of Urine data, plot types, clearance, metabolism, renal function
  6. Intravenous infusion
    Steady state concentration, slow- fast infusion, post infusion
  7. Routes of drug administration
  8. Pharmacokinetics of oral administration
    Method of residuals, W- N method
  9. Bioavailability calculations
  10. Bioavailability studies, statistics
  11. Physiological factors affecting oral absorption
  12. Physical-Chemical factors affecting oral absorption
  13. Formulation factors affecting oral absorption
  14. Multiple Bolus I.V. dose administration
  15. Multiple Oral Dose Administration
  16. Routes of excretion
  17. Metabolism
  18. Drug distribution
  19. Multi-compartmental pharmacokinetic models
  20. Non-linear pharmacokinetic models
  21. Clinical Applications of Pharmacokinetics

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