Pharmacokinetics - Biopharmaceutics
PHAR 7633 - PHAR 7632

University of Oklahoma - College of Pharmacy

Instructor: David W.A. Bourne, Ph.D., CPB 303

Class Meeting Time (PHAR 7632): Tuesday and Thursday in CPB 103 at 11:10 am to 12 noon
Class Meeting Time (PHAR 7633): Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in CPB 103 at 11:10 pm to 12:00 noon

Course Material and Textbook: Material to be covered in this course will include:

Exam Schedule for Fall 2001 (PHAR 7633):

Quizzes - 2001

Homework for Fall 1999 (PHAR 7633):

Projects for Fall 2001 (PHAR 7633):

Other Course Resources:

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