Basic Pharmacokinetics
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Basic Pharmacokinetics
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Table of Contents

  1. Online Resources (as a pdf file)
  2. Background Mathematical Material (as a pdf file)
  3. Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetic Introduction (as a pdf file)
  4. One Compartment IV Bolus (as a pdf file)
  5. Analysis of Urine Data (as a pdf file)
  6. Intravenous Infusion (as a pdf file)
  7. Routes of Drug Administration (as a pdf file)
  8. Pharmacokinetics of Oral Administration (as a pdf file)
  9. Calculation of Bioavailability Parameters (as a pdf file)
  10. Bioavailability Studies (as a pdf file)
  11. Physiological Factors Affecting Oral Absorption (as a pdf file)
  12. Physical-Chemical Factors Affecting Oral Absorption (as a pdf file)
  13. Formulation Factors (as a pdf file)
  14. Multiple IV Bolus Dose Administration (as a pdf file)
  15. Multiple Oral Dose Administration (as a pdf file)
  16. Routes of Excretion (as a pdf file)
  17. Metabolism (as a pdf file)
  18. Drug Distribution (as a pdf file)
  19. Multi-Compartment Pharmacokinetic Models (as a pdf file)
  20. Noncompartmental Analysis (as a pdf file)
  21. Non-Linear Pharmacokinetic Models (as a pdf file)
  22. Non-Linear Regression Analysis of Pharmacokinetic Data (as a pdf file)
  23. Pharmacodynamic and Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Models (as a pdf file)
  24. Pharmaceutical Analysis (as a pdf file)
  25. Clinical Applications of Pharmacokinetics (as a pdf file)

Course Maintenance

Homework Sets

You may work on the homework with the help of your colleagues and/or your instructor; however, you must turn in your own effort for credit. The homework exercises will be submitted on-line. You may repeat these on-line homework sets to improve your grade but this will involve redoing the exercise with new data.

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